REDLINE 6-Step Lawn Program
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REDLINE 6-Step Lawn Program



The Original Lawn Program

Our REDLINE 6-Step Lawn Program contains two crabgrass preventers, a season long grub control and a Summer, Fall and Winter fertilizer step.  We number the bags so it is real easy to follow the program.  As a general rule, open your spreader 1/3 open for all applications.

REDLINE products are traditional blended fertilizers commonly used in the commercial market.  Traditional fertilizer uses limestone (not pelletized lime) as the filler, therefore not every pellet in the bag is fertilizer for your lawn.  REDLINE fertilizer will green up your lawn, but the green will not last as long as our BLACKLINE products.  Our BLACKLINE products use organic fertilizer as the filler and therefore every pellet in the bag is fertilizer for your lawn.

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