Step 4


Step 4 of the 5 Step Program

Fall Fertilizer: with slow release nitrogen for a long-lasting, dark green lawn.  Formulated with nutrients to thicken the lawn and improving drought tolerance.

When to Apply: Apply Fall, Early October

Coverage: 50lb bag covers 12,500 sq.ft.

How to Apply: A rotary spreader works the best, as a general rule open your spreader 1/3 open

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 3 $33.99
4+ 8.83 % $30.99

Our BLACKLINE products contain slow release Echo nitrogen and organic filler to make your lawn greener than the rest. BLACKLINE products are all food and no filler.  Our best product for your lawn.

Additional information

Weight 50.00 lbs
Dimensions 6.00 × 20.00 × 36.00 in