BLACKLINE 5000 sq ft. Lawn Program


5000 sqft. BLACKLINE Program? It is a complete lawn program with two crabgrass preventers, a season long grub control and a Summer, Fall and Winter fertilizer.

Includes 3 bags, each bag will do two application, totaling 6 steps.

We number the bags so it is real easy to follow the program.

As a general rule, open your spreader 1/3 open for all applications.


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What is the difference between our BLACKLINE  products and all other fertilizers?

All blended fertilizer contains filler and the filler is not usually a nutrient for your lawn.  Our BLACKLINE products contain organic fertilizer as the filler so every pellet in the bag is beneficial for your lawn.  The organic filler  helps eliminate grow spurts, keeps your lawn greener longer and increases root growth and lawn density.

All other fertilizer products contain limestone as the filler, the traditional way to blend fertilizer.

Additional information

Weight 300.00 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 36 in

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