Triad SFZ Herbicide 2.5 Gal. (surge equivalent)


SFZ controls broadleaf weeds and yellow nutsedge.  Covers 4.75 acres

Mix 1.5oz per 1000 sq.ft or 1.5oz per gallon in pump sprayers

Water based, safer to use in the summer months.

Triad SFZ Select Broadleaf Herbicide for Turf provides an amine option for fast weed control in warmer weather. University data and cooperator tests have demonstrated consistently enhanced speed compared to other water-based amine weed control products. SFZ provides outstanding control of spurge and other warm-weather weeds such as knotweed, plantain, oxalis, clover and dandelion. Additionally, SFZ provides suppression of young and actively growing yellow nutsedge.

Additional information

Weight 27.50 lbs
Dimensions 16.00 × 12.00 × 16.00 in