Cherry Grit – 50lb (Traction Grit)


  • Cherry Grit (#2 course) used for traction in walking areas and drives.
  • Made of 100% crushed quartzite, this grit is even harder and sharper than granite


Cherry Stone® Traction Grit

Cherry Stone® Traction Grit works when salt and chemicals won’t. Sprinkle the fine, sharp, crushed rock on icy and snow-packed walkways, driveways, and streets for immediate non-slip relief. Unlike salt, Cherry Stone Grit will not hasten the deterioration of concrete surfaces or harm plants or grass. Made from Quartzite, our grit is granite-hard and won’t dissolve, become muddy, stain, or pollute. Keep a bag in your car for additional weight and emergency winter traction. Due to its unique rose color, Cherry Stone Grit is often used for hobby crafts, aquariums, flower pot drainage, grill liners, paver joint fill, aeration, and other decorative purposes. Available in 50 lb. plastic bags.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 18 × 10 in