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Single Application Crabgrass Preventer

AWARD Turf Fertilizer Dimension® Crabgrass Preventer provides season-long control of crabgrass and control or suppression of other listed annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in established lawns and ornamental turfs, including golf course fairways, roughs, and tee boxes.  A single application last 12-16 weeks.

When to Apply

Apply Early to Late Spring – April to Mid-May


50lb covers 12,500 sq.ft.

How to Apply

A rotary spreader works the best, as a general rule open your spreader 1/3 open


Dimension has some post-emergent control of small crabgrass plants, so if you are late putting pre-emergence down in the Spring you may want to use Dimension.

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Weight 53.00 lbs
Dimensions 36.00 × 18.00 × 8.00 in

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