Surge Broadleaf Weed Herbicide – 1 Gal.
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Surge Broadleaf Weed Herbicide – 1 Gal.


Controls broadleaf weeds and yellow nutsedge.  Covers 2.5 acres

Mix 1.5oz per 1000 sq.ft or 1.5oz per gallon in pump sprayers

Water based, safer to use in the summer months.

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Surge® Broadleaf Herbicide for Turf provides an amine option for FAST weed control in warmer weather. University data and cooperator tests have demonstrated consistently enhanced speed compared to other water-based amine weed control products. Surge provides outstanding control of spurge and other warm-weather weeds such as knotweed, plantain, oxalis, clover and dandelion. Additionally, Surge provides suppression of young and actively growing yellow nutsedge.

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Weight 13.00 lbs
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