BLACKLINE 19-0-5 30%Echo .20%Prodiamine


Crabgrass Preventer plus Fertilizer

BLACKLINE crabgrass preventer contains .20 Prodiamine.  Prodiamine creates a vapor barrier lasting up to 8-10 weeks controlling annual weeds and crabgrass before they germinate.   Slow release nitrogen, organic based fertilizer.

When to Apply

Apply Step 1 pre-emergence application in Early April


50lb covers 12,500 sq.ft.

How to Apply

A rotary spreader works the best, as a general rule open your spreader 1/3 open


Do not overseed after using Prodiamine.  The pre-emergent herbicide remains active in the soil for 8-10 weeks and prevents grass seed from germinating. We do have a pre-emergence safe for grass seed called Mesotrione.

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Additional information

Weight 53.00 lbs
Dimensions 6.00 × 18.00 × 36.00 in

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