Nature’s Best Advantage


Nature's Best Advantage

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Natures Best Advantage is the safe, proven solution to remove Poa Annua. It incorporates all the benefits of Natures Best Plus with the addition of a specific, proprietary ingredient that assists in the removal of poa annua. It contains a blend of natural and homeopathic organic plant-growth activators and soil organisms that stimulate Bermuda and Bent grasses enabling them to both resist and overcome Poa Annua invasion. The Bent and Bermuda grasses become much stronger and replace the Poa Annua with no noticeable loss of turf. Nature's Best Advantage contains: 15%Humic AcidIron, boron, copper, and zincPlant Growth Activator VIIGenus Bacillus Streptomycetes, nitrogen fixing bacteriaNonpathogenic aerobic and facultative anaerobic, high enzyme producing bacteriaVitamins B, B2, B3, B12, C, KBiotin, folic acid, natural sugarsPene Carrier Complex

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