Growth Products Iron Max 15-0-0
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Growth Products Iron Max 15-0-0


2.5 Gal.

Iron Max AC 6% is a chelated liquid iron and manganese fertilizer solution and sulfur is generally formulated for a greener of turf, trees, ornamentals, hydroponics, crops, and soil remediation.

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2.5 gal. Growth Products Iron Max 15-0-0

Contains 2 percent Manganese which is vital for photosynthesis and for good green color. This fertilizer is 100 percent chelated with a clear solution which will not settle. It also provides the plants with instantly available iron and/or manganese with nitrogen for improvement of iron chlorosis. Compatible with compounds derived from ammonia and can be utilized with herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. It can be applied for maintenance of regular turf to promote the vibrant green color and support healthy root systems even in high traffic areas and stressful conditions.

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