Growth Products Cal-Tec 9%
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Growth Products Cal-Tec 9%


2.5 Gal. Cal-Tec 9%

Total Nitrogen – 6% Calcium – 9%

It is labeled for use in turf, greens, ornamentals, trees, crops and hydroponics.


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Calcium is known to be an essential element that is critical for the development of plants and helps promote proper cell division and enzyme activation for starch conversion.

Cal-Tec 9% 6-0-0 is a sugar acid chelate that is designed to provide your plants the essential nutrients and just the right amount of Calcium it needs.

It forms a 100% soluble Calcium and Nitrogen which can be absorbed through foliar and root uptake.

Effectively correct calcium deficiencies as well as help reduce soil compaction and build up of toxic salts.


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Weight 40 lbs
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